When Nike invited me to take their new Vomero 10's on a testrun, I felt challenged. I haven't been practicing any sports for quite a while now so I was kinda curious how my condition would be.

I went on a run a week before the test to check if I wouldn't drop dead the first 5 min and I survived all 3.2 km of it. Since they mentioned it would be some warming up exercises and a little run through the city, I felt totally ready.

When I arrived at the spot, I wasn't surrounded by bloggers but a real running crew, the Urban Runners! My heart started racing even before the activities started. So after the little warm up, we started running. The tempo was already twice as high as my normal tempo and we even had to do little sprints in between! 6.6 km later you could pick me up from the floor! I felt like I was ran over by a truck. And I couldn't walk elegantly for at least 3 days after the run.

But I'm happy I did it and it truly made me realise I have to do more sports to keep up my 'condition' or at least what is left of it.

 The shoes were really nice though. Normally the pain in my knees prevents me from running too long but because of the great support, my knees could take some more. It is so important to invest in good shoes. You only have one body! So I guess I'll have to make a trip to the Nike store soon to get me some.

Ph by David Stegenga

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