One and a half years ago, Sharan Pasricha bought a five house building on the Herengracht and by now he turned the whole thing into an amazing hotel and new hotspot for just about everyone. They call themselves the new Anti-hotel since they don't want to be just a regular hotel. The minibar contains free water and milk, you can eat breakfast till eleven and if you can't make it to breakfast you can even make them arrange a breakfast to go bag. And these are just a few of the super cute details that make this hotel truly stand out. 

What I really love about the hotel - except for the delicious food and cocktails, taken care of by the Soho House - is the fact that they collaborated with locals for the interior and they even plan on doing some more collaborations with local designers.

Lotti's cafe bar & gril is open to anyone. You can meet up with friends for a delicious meal or brunch. And on Sunday they even have there Bloody mary Sundays. (Yes please!)

Oh and keep an eye on by the way! They post awesome (free) events taking place in the hotel on a regular base, enjoy!

Find out more about the hotel & bar/resto right here.


Sitting behind a desk all day surely makes you dream about far away beaches and better outfits. Here is some Tuesday inspiration for a beachy day.

Top - Pull&Bear
Shorts - Nine in the Morning Jeans
Sunglasses - Polette
Bikini - Triangl
Shoes - Teva Originals


Hi guys! I ordered some glasses on Polette again. This time I ordered some normal eyeglasses and a pair of sunglasses, both with prescription so I can see at anytime and more importantly, whenever I am too lazy to put in my lenses. Although it's not always about being lazy, I like to give my eyes some rest from time to time so they can breathe.

Did I already tell you that you can save up to 80% when ordering glasses at Polette? The simple reason behind is that they don't work with middle parties. So it goes straight from the factory to your mailbox. Another big advantage (well for me at least) is that they have so many models and shapes and each one of them even in different colours. Hooray for endless combination possibilities!

I'll show you the sunglasses later. For the eyeglasses I went for the Islamabad model and I chose the normal glasses with 1.67 index.

Planning on getting new glasses or sunglasses as well? If you use the code 'palmbomen' you get a 30% discount on your next order! YAY!

Jacket - H&M
Top - Zara
Jeans - Pull&Bear
Shoes - Converse - Find them on Spartoo
Bag - Delvaux

Ph by Grietje from Secondagenda.


Ok so I didn't open my computer but I did find some time to take some pictures for the blog. Although it was too hot to wear clothes, these ones were pretty wearable. I bought this outfit entirely in the sales in Barcelona. Well the top was new collection but the shorts and shoes are sales finds, hooray!

When I visit my parents I try to eat as much of the damn good cheese they have there, and one of my favourite ways to eat cheese is on the raclette. Oh God, it's just so delicious. So even on a 38 degrees celsius day, I dragged my boyfriend and my parents along to Grenoble to eat some raclette. We died at the table because the heat of the lamp made it even hotter and everyone was staring at us. But it was all worth it! Yumm.

What am I wearing

Top - Pull&Bear
Shorts - H&M
Shoes - Pimkie

Ph by Hannelore Vandendriessche.


Hi guys! I'm back from my holiday. I had the most amazing time with my boyfriend and friends in Barcelona and I spent the rest of the week relaxing and getting spoiled at my parents place.

It was the first time my parents and boyfriend met so this holiday was kind of a big deal to all of us. Luckily they all loved each other so many more of these trips will take place in the near future. Because what's better than cheese, wine, sunshine and love all over?

This outfit was shot even before I left. But I wanted to take a break from everything. I only checked my phone a few times but I haven't opened my computer for the entire week. So refreshing!
You should try it some time, it makes you enjoy your vacation so much more and you return well rested and totally relaxed!

What am I wearing:

Hat - Episode Vintage
Shirt - Stradivarius 
Skirt - Zara
Shoes - Forever21
Watch - Daniel Wellington

Ph by Grietje from Second Agenda.


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