Hi guys! I'm back from my holiday. I had the most amazing time with my boyfriend and friends in Barcelona and I spent the rest of the week relaxing and getting spoiled at my parents place.

It was the first time my parents and boyfriend met so this holiday was kind of a big deal to all of us. Luckily they all loved each other so many more of these trips will take place in the near future. Because what's better than cheese, wine, sunshine and love all over?

This outfit was shot even before I left. But I wanted to take a break from everything. I only checked my phone a few times but I haven't opened my computer for the entire week. So refreshing!
You should try it some time, it makes you enjoy your vacation so much more and you return well rested and totally relaxed!

What am I wearing:

Hat - Episode Vintage
Shirt - Stradivarius 
Skirt - Zara
Shoes - Forever21
Watch - Daniel Wellington

Ph by Grietje from Second Agenda.

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