Ahhh, I'm finally starting to get used to Belgium again. My apartment is getting shape and my agenda is filling up. Feels like old times! One thing though: I noticed that my main phrase lately is: wauw, congratulations! Being gone for almost two years means missing out on a lot of important things like friends buying houses, moving in together, having babies,... name it! Apparently I've reached that certain age where those things are considered normal.

Apart from that, let me tell you about my new favourite beauty addition to my mini collection: the Dior Addict fluid stick! I actually banned lip gloss out of my life since I was a teenager. Having to pull my hair out of my lipstick all the time was not what a considered 'a fun hobby'. Until I tried this one. It is glossy yet not so sticky as those greasy lip glosses and the colour is just to-die-for! A subtle, lightly dark nude.

What am I wearing

Hat - H&M
Glasses - Polette Eyewear
Jacket - Pull&Bear
Top - Stradivarius 
Jeans - Samsoe Samsoe
Boots - Zara
Bag - Delvaux

Make up 
Lips - Dior Addict - 499 Avant Garde
Nails - H&M Beauty

Ph by Charlotte De Lange

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  1. Mooi! En absoluut fan van de botjes!

    X Melissa
    From Liss with Love


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