Re-inventing clothes is one of my favourite hobbies. Since I am focussing some more on my interior right now (more about this soon!), I have to take it a notch back when it comes to shopping.

So after a while you have to start rethinking every piece to keep it al interesting. And that is the reason that I am wearing one of my favourite denim jackets as a dress this week. It would be a little bit too short to wear it as an actual dress but combining it with some great leather pants does the trick.

How about you guys? How far would you go for 'New old clothes' are there scissors involved?

What am I wearing

Scarf - Chanel
Jacket - Pull&Bear
Pants - Pull&Bear
Shoes - Zara
Watch - Renard 
Make up - Dior

Ph by Monica Harmony.

3 Lovely reactions :

  1. Nice post ! ;-) looking guud

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    Greets Jon

  2. Very nice pictures ! Your outfit is flawless as usual


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