Still looking for that perfect Christmas outfit or that one perfect Christmas gift? Look no more! I have two great last minute tips for you guys! Here's a little sneak peek into my Xmas Holidays that I'm spending with my family in Tullins, where my parents live.

I found this outfit on chiclefric.com, an adorable Dutch webshop. The great thing about this jumpsuit is that it's perfect for the holidays but I can still rock it to a party throughout the year combined with a tough leather jacket. It is one of those all-year-round-never-out-of-style items, score! Be sure to check out their website to make sure you are holiday ready.

The Ultimate Ears box is a gift to myself. Those are needed too from time to time! Up until now I was playing music from my phone or Macbook in the appartment but now that I've discovered the sound of this pretty little thing, there is no way back! I absolutely love it!

Another perk is that it's waterproof, hello shower concerts! Now I can finally hold a microphone when I'm singing to Justin Bieber's Sorry! And when a call comes in, I can answer it with the box as well! Ahhh why can't all things in life be as easy as this?!

Ph by Hannelore Vandendriessche.

3 Lovely reactions :

  1. super mooie look
    rood staat u echt goed!


  2. Staat je echt supermooi deze jumpsuit <3
    Naomi, x


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