I'm not the biggest fan of working out. Not because I don't like it but just because I can't find the time to do it. It's such a hustle to change clothes, get over to the gym, work out, get back and shower. Since I plan my evenings quite full during the week, you might get that there is not much room left to work out. 

But I've found the perfect solution to this! I've discovered fit20. It is a 20 minutes slow motion sport session for which you don't even need to change clothes! You can just drop by before or after work, do your excercises and continue your day. 

Since the work out is in slomo, you trick your muscles into thinking it is in a dangerous situation. This way, you use almost 100% of your muscles instead of the 60% you use while running. 

A big thanks to the person that was so kind to think of us while inventing this short and easy work out. Let's get fit! 

You can book your appointment on www.fit20.com. Enjoy! 

What am I wearing:

Sunglasses - Ray Ban
Jumper - & Other stories 
Denim - Zara
Shoes - Shabbies Amsterdam

Ph by Hannelore Vandendriessche.

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