Summer is coming! It is time to stop using the cold as an excuse to work out and get that sexy ass outside and moving! When I work out, I end up having the best feeling ever. But to get me to the point to actually head over to the gym, a lot of convincing is needed.

Friends are always a big help. Working out together and motivating each other, truly is the best way to stay/get fit. But another thing that might be convincing is the clothes you are working out with. I have to admit, I'm not at the top of my game when working out but wearing the right outfit can make you feel like you can take over the world. Even by running on a track, yes.

I actually spent most of my youth dancing. I practiced 10 years of ballet and I even had some breakdance classes. It has been such a long time ago but I still miss it. Maybe this great outfit is the perfect reason to go look for a new dancing school here in Antwerp. Let's get in shape!

What am I wearing:

Sunglasses - LeSpecs - Shop here
Croptop - Topshop - Shop here
Culottes - ICHI - Shop here
Bag - Royal RepubliQ - Shop here 
Shoes - Adidas - Shop here
Jacket - Levi's - Shop here

 Ph by Monica Harmony.

2 Lovely reactions :

  1. These pants are just the best:)


  2. Ik ken dat gevoel. Ik wil ook altijd gaan lopen, maar er is ook wat overtuiging voor nodig! Kim en Ik proberen elkaar ook zo aan te zetten om wat aan sport te doen X"D

    Wist trouwens niet dat jij ook op ballet hebt gezeten? Misschien moeten wij samen een dansschool zoeken in Antwerpen :P

    Heel mooie outfit trouwens! De crop top en broek zijn echt helemaal mijn ding! :D

    Groetjes The Mad Twins


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