Last weekend, I've travelled to San Sebastian to visit my friend Astrid. San Sebastian is one of the most culinary (culinary capital of Europe even!) and surfy cities of Spain so I took my lovely O'neill wetsuit with me to try and practice some surfing in between the pintxos and txuleta.

We started off the weekend great, discovering the cute pintxos bars in the old part of town. And we kind of continued doing this the entire weekend. Going from bar to restaurant to bar, there was just so much to discover! Oh, whenever you visit the basque county, you can't forget to pair the food with some lovely vermut. It makes everything taste just that much more like summer.

Here are some tips for the future San Sebastian travellers:

La Madame
Astrid and I make it a habit to try out steak tartare at several different places till we find the best one of the city. La Madame won. The restaurant also turns into a bar at night and hosts parties from time to time so make sure to check one out! Fun fact: it used to be a brothel.

To eat txuleta of course!

Va bene burger bar
Best burgers in town.

Atari Gastroteka
Definitely my favourite pintxos bar in San Sebastian.

Literaly every pintxos bar in calle Fermin Calbeton Kalea but Bar sports and Bar Berria were my favourites.

And make sure to make a stop at Monte Igueldo, it is a tiny, funny amusement park on the top of a mountain with an amazing view over San Sebastian.

Little spoiler: I didn't actually go surfing, the suit is only 1mm and just a little too cold to endure the freezing atlantic water but I'm sure this will be my favourite summer wetsuit of all times. Can't wait for summer!!

Ph by Hugh, check out his work here!

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