Last week, I had some friends over to celebrate the Swedish Midsommar. Because what is better to celebrate than the start of summer holidays? Sadly, on our hand, this party was not followed by Holidays. But either way, we had a blast.

I love to cook. But I'm not the best planner. So cooking for myself or even 2 people is very managable. Cooking for four though, that is something else! Luckily IKEA helped me out with the menu. Swedish meatballs on a Swedish Holiday. Sounds perfect to me!

What I love about the food in IKEA is that you don't have to add a lot of extra's to make it look or taste good. They make life simple. And I'm all in for that! Spending less time in the kitchen and more with your guests. It is a celebration after all.

As appetizers I went for Knackebröd with cream cheese and radish/tomatoes, little salmon cups with cream cheese and nachos with fresh guacamole.

The main course were Swedish chicken meatballs with a fresh salad and oven baked potatoes.

As dessert, I served the Daim IKEA pie, covered in whipped cream and strawberries.

I wish everyone the best summer ever, enjoy!!

Everything you see on the table (and also the table) is from IKEA. Except for the fresh vegetables.
Around the table you can see Elien - Dogsanddresses, Paulien - Polienne and Elke - Goldiloks.

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