The backstreet boys are not the only ones that are making a comeback. Meet Tommy denim 2.0. I love the return of these big Tommy flags. Now I know how it felt like to be on tour with Destiny's Child.

I have a lot of fun plans coming up. Next weekend I'm off to Barcelona again with Monica. We are going to try our first vlog so you are warned. Get ready for a sneak peek of our travel adventures, bloopers included!

You can find this retro collection at Tommy Hilfiger and Princess Blue.

What am I wearing:

Sweater - Adidas
Denim - Samsoe Samsoe 
Boots - Stradivarius
Bag - Chanel

Ph by Monica Harmony.


Hi guys! I'm pretty psyched to announce that I'm an Alix kind of girl! The ladies of Alix the label came down to Belgium to shoot their Belgian Alix kind of girls.

Alix is all about luxury basics with a bold twist for girls that like the rock and roll way of life. I could see myself wearing practicly every piece of the collection so I believe this collab is like a match made in rock and roll heaven.

Apart from this lovely shoot at the Antwerp Central Station, I told the Alix girls about my dreams and plans for the future. Want to know more about them? Read the full interview on www.alixthelabel.com/anouk.


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