Sorry for being so late with the second part but I do not break my promises! If Thailand is on your list: pay close attention. I have some amazing tips for you guys!

So Sam and I started off in Phuket, we chose to visit the more quiet side to avoid tourist traps snowed ended up at a beach called Surin/Bang tao. We stayed two nights at the Chillhub Phuket Hostel and I would truly recommend this hostel to all backpackers out there.  It was super clean the staff was very helpful and it has it's own beautiful swimming pool. Must do's over here are : get a Thai massage and have dinner + drinks at Catch Beach Club.

After two days of relaxing, we were ready for a change of scenery so we took the ferry to Koh Phi Phi, where we discovered both the honeymoon part of the island as the local party scene. (That was actually more Swedish than local). Since throwing sticks with fire and playing very loud and bad music on the beach isn't really my kind of party,  I can only recommend getting your nails did and again,  a great massage (all day,  every day please. And of course a motorboat trip to the lagoon,  Monkey beach and Maya bay! These are views you will never ever ever forget. Leonardo DiCaprio isn't there anymore though,  I checked.

After the party island,  we decided to get some rest at a hidden gem called Koh Jum. We rented a scooter and discovered all pretty parts of the island. Monkeys and paradise swings included. Since we've had some of our best meals there, I would totally recommend to eat at the freedom bar or Golden Pearl beach resort.

Our last stop before heading to Bangkok was Khao Sok national park. We decided to go a bit more adventurous before the big city life so we didn't book anything beforehand. We ended up sleeping over at a spare house of the cutest little family and they arranged everything for our two day hiking trip in the jungle of Khao Sok. When you get of the bus,  there are actually a lot of people that want to help you.

The jungle hike was amazing.  Two full days without phone reception and even electricity.  Just nature and spending time with random strangers. I enjoyed it to the fullest! And I would recommend this to everyone! Just not to people that are deadly afraid of spiders. Because you'll see a lot!

After the jungle,  we discovered the urban jungle in Bangkok. Read the full Bangkok report here.

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