When Alpro invited my to discover Tomorrowland 'Alpro Style' I jumped for joy. Not only because I got to go to one of the best festivals in the world, but also because I got to go with my absolute go-to breakfast partner. Since my body cannot digest milk very well, I often use soy based products to replace this. My favourites are the coconut and almond milk. Even if you like plain milk, you just have to try an almond milk cappuccino it is to-die-for!!

I was very curious about how Alpro would attract the festival-goer. Because let's face it. Most of them are too hungover to think about healthy food options so they just grab the greasiest thing they can find. But they truly amazed me. They took a quite 'regular' product and totally made it sexy and most importantly: fucking delicious. I must say (and not because I have to but just because it's true) that I've had some of the most delicious pancakes of my life! And the Soy bowl with fresh fruits was heavenly as well.

I'm definitely going back to Tomorrowland next year. Already dreaming about my breakfast.

T-Shirt - Esprit 
Jeans - Lee
Dress - Mango 
Jacket - H&M

Makeup by Mac Cosmetics.

Photos by Monica, Kaat DM and me.

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