I must admit that I had a lot of prejudices about the UAE before travelling there. Some were confirmed, some were refuted but I must say that I had the best time ever! Here are some examples of my prejudices:

First of all, yes: it's fake. Literally everything is over the top. The clubs, the luxury, you name it. They have the biggest and best of all of it. 

Secondly: I was afraid of how they would treat women. We all read those Saudi stories but I must say that I've been treated like a princess my entire stay. And, every Tuesday they have ladies’ nights all over town in Dubai where girls get 50% off of food and free-flowing wine and cava all night long. Yes, girls. Plan that trip!

I gathered some tips for you guys so you can discover Oman, Dubai and Abu Dhabi as well. Here is part 1: Dubai. 


Just head over to the Dubai Mall, it is literally the biggest mall in the world and it has its own (huge) aquarium and a beautiful view on the Burj Kalifa (Tallest building in the world)

They have this fun place called Cereal Killer cafe: Order your cereals and eat them in a bed! Since the people of the UAE seem to love the US, they practically have everything that screams US. There is a Magnolia Bakery, a Baskins & Robins and of course a Shake shack.

Another fun mall (you can only go shopping in malls by the way since it is to hot to stay/walk outside.) is the Jumeirah Mall, it is quite small, has some shops and a little souk but the view outside is amazing. It looks a little like Venice, and you are able to spot the Burj al Arab!

Wearing : H&M Dress, Rebecca Minkoff bag, ASOS sunnies. 

 Eat / drink

Enjoy a brunch at the Hampton Café, a great American style brunch in the fancy part of Dubai.

Go for a nice sushi dinner at China grill (they do ladiesnight!) and stay for a drink/dance afterwards. People will already start dancing between tables while dinner is still served. How's that for a party vibe?!

If you are looking for a romantic dinner place, beach bar and grill @ the Royal Mirage is your place to be. Great food and the most amazing view on the harbour.

Wearing: Revolve dress and Rebecca Minkoff bag.

 Drinks / Clubs 

All clubs and bars are connected to hotels, otherwise they cannot serve alcohol. Here are a few of my favourites:

XL Dubai
An R&B club in The Habtoor Grand Beach Resort & Spa. You have to go down and take a golf cart to the club. Enjoy the ride!

Bao Lounge club
This club is situated in the W hotel. They have different music nights so make sure you check upfront.


I would absolutely recommend everyone to stay at the W hotel Habtoor City. It is one of my favourite Hotel chains and they just never seem to disappoint. If not for the amazing room, do it for the great location, the view, the delicious breakfast or the awesome clubs downstairs.

Wearing: H&M Dress.


Make sure you book a desert safari, a day away from the big city, surrounded by sand! You can find several options when you look for it online but I definitely advise booking a private trip. It costs a bit more than the arranged ones but it is definitely worth it. In the desert you can practice sandboarding, take a ride on a camel and go crazy with quads. When the diver takes you to the campsite, make sure your seatbelt is fastened because you are in for a bumpy ride!

So, these are all my tips for Dubai, I hope you guys have as much fun as I did!

A big thanks to my travel guide and photographer Samira Hamici.

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