Hi loves! The countdown has officially started! One more week and I'm leaving on holiday! First off, I'm going to visit my little brother in Bangkok with my parents and after one week of family Q-time, my bestie Sam is joining me to discover Vietnam. I'm sooooo looking forward to all the amazing food I'm going to taste, the incredible nature I'm going to see and the adventures I'm going to have.

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What am I wearing?

Full outfit by Aboutyou.be

Kimono - boohoo - shop here
Top - Adidas - shop here
Pants - Kangaroos - shop here


I've always had a thing with stars. Stars and constellations actually. When I walk around at night, I always look up to try and spot my favourite constellations. Not being able to see the stars while living in New York made me appreciate them even more!

2 of my favourite star designers are launching a collection for Zalando this week: Viktor & Rolf. The collection is not only high fashion but also made from recycled garments. Way to go, Zalando!

The collection will be available exclusively on Zalando.be as from 01/02/2018.

What am I wearing: 

Earrings - Ivy Revel via Zalando - Shop Here
Top - Topshop via Zalando - Shop Here
Pants - Topshop via Zalando - Shop Here


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