Hi guys! My appartment is still a work in progress it's definitely starting to get some shape. I've added some art to make the room feel a bit more like home and what a difference it makes!

I already lost my heart to my couch. It's the perfect fit, material and design! But I've been looking for some artwork since I moved in to complement it. The collaboration with Desenio couldn't come at a better time!

I matched the colours of the posters to the couch, eachother and the style of my appartment.
I chose (from left to right):

Stockholm Old Town
B&W Banana Leaves
Graphic Pastels 1

And I have great news for you guys: The code “ANOUKMEET” gives 25% off posters* between 1-3 May. *Except for frames and  handpicked-/collaboration posters.

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